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Alresford Primary School Forest School

Welcome to our Forest School page! 

This page will be the main source of information for the Forest School programme at Alresford Primary School. Throughout the year, we will post photos, videos and documents related to Forest School. Please see below for more information about our Forest School programme!

Each Forest School session will be planned and delivered by Mr. Milgate (level 3 Forest School leader.) The entire Forest School programme is overseen by Mr. Dale Milgate (Forest School leader) and Mrs. Loretta Baker (Deputy Head/Year 6 teacher.)

Please check back regularly for updates to the Forest School programme at Alresford Primary School!

Mr. Dale Milgate - Level 3 Forest School leader.

Forest School leader: Mr. Dale Milgate

School email:

Backup email: 

In person: Year 3 classroom (am), KS1 playground/Forest School area (pm) - currently unavailable due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please speak to the school office if you require an in-person conversation/meeting.

Forest School 2020/2021

We are pleased to announce from September 2020, we will be expanding our Forest School programme and offering sessions to children in Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 at different points throughout the school year.

Autumn term (September 2020 - December 2020) - Year 2 and Year 3.

Spring term (January 2021 - March 2021) - Year 4 and Year 5.

Summer term (April 2021 - July 2021) - Year 1 and Reception.

All of theses sessions will be delivered by our own qualified Forest School leader - Mr Milgate.

The Forest School programme is free to all children and will take place on Monday and Tuesday afternoons (From Monday 2nd November on wards.) Please check with your child's class teacher to find out what day your child's sessions will take place.

If you would like to find out more about what Forest School is and the benefits it can offer your child, please click on the links below:

Alternatively, Forest School introduction videos hosted by the Forest School leader (Mr. Milgate) can be found further down this web page. The videos are designed for both children and adults.

To ensure a smooth start to the Forest School programme, I have written the following documents which may be helpful to all adults and children and offer an insight as to what can be expected from the Forest School programme. 

Any adult who wishes to participate in our Forest School programme must read the Forest School adult handbook document and return the declaration form to the Forest School leader or school office before your first session.

You will also be required to bring 3 forms of identification (e.g. - driving license, passport, utility bill etc.) in order to complete a volunteering DBS safeguarding check. In line with our safeguarding policy, adults are not allowed to participate until the DBS check has cleared.  This procedure is handled by our finance officer - Mrs Kerry Beere.

The location and timing of every Forest School session are subject to change and cancellation due to weather and adult availability.

Latest Forest School documentation update: 29th October 2020.

 Autumn 2 timetable and schedule.pdfDownload
 Forest School Adult handbook ver2.pdfDownload
 Forest School Covid19 policies and procedures ver2.pdfDownload
 Forest School declaration form ver1.pdfDownload
 Forest School donations list ver1.pdfDownload
 Forest School FAQs ver1.pdfDownload
 Parent information pack [V2].pdfDownload
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Please see the Forest School introduction videos below. These videos have been designed to offer an insight to the Forest School programme to both children and adults. These videos are unlisted on YouTube and can only be accessed by visiting the Forest School web page.


Are you looking for something to do during the half term break?  Fancy trying something new whilst getting some fresh air at the same time? Why not join in with our new Forest School inspired outdoor treasure hunt game, #finderskeepers! #finderskeepers was created to offer the children of Alresford Primary School an opportunity to go outside and explore the local area during school holidays/breaks but anybody can join in! All you will need is a responsible adult and a good sense of direction. Take a look at the graphics and videos below to find out more about #finderskeepers! 

The first clue video is coming shortly - get ready...

#finderskeepers ROUND 1






To find out more information about #finderskeepers including: how to play, safety disclosure, resources and equipment needed and terms and conditions, please see the introduction video below!

Our Forest School areas

The photos below show the locations used for Forest School activities.

Our onsite Forest School area (photos 1 - 4) is managed and monitored by the Forest School Leader and school caretaker. This area is constantly changing to offer the children more opportunities for holistic growth and development. Our onsite Forest School area features sheltered areas, 2 designated log circles, a designated location for tool and fire use, places for reflection, an area for digging and planting, a garden area and mature trees.

Our offsite area (photos 5 - 10) is located within Cockaynes Wood Nature Reserve and is managed by Essex Wildlife Trust and Cockaynes Wood Trust. The offsite area features plenty of mature trees, a designated log circle, opportunities for den building, a designated location for tool and fire use, reflection spaces and a vast array of plants and insects to be discovered. This area is not for public use and may only be used the permission from the managing trusts. 

During the duration of the sessions, the children will be able to fully experience the effects of the outdoor environment and experience the changes associated with every season through first hand experiences.

Our Forest School on site area development

Our onsite Forest School area is continuously growing and developing. It is our aim to create a safe and inviting environment for Forest School sessions and activities and also create an outdoor space for learning which can is accessible to the wider school community. Take a look at the photos of our Forest School area below and join us on our journey as we continually update and develop our Forest School area! Check back soon for more development photos!

Forest School photos

At Forest School, we adhere to the same photography policy which is currently present at Alresford Primary School. Any child who does not have full parental consent to have their photograph taken and/or shared will not have any photos posted on this web page. If you would like to add/remove your child on/from this page, please speak to the school office or class teacher. Photos will remain on this page for the duration of the term and will be removed at the end of the final session. All photos are taken and handled by the Forest School leader - Mr. Milgate.

Please do not re-share photos from this page.

(If you receive a message saying 'This image could not be loaded', please try refreshing your browser and try again.)

Year 2 Forest School photo gallery. Photos from sessions 1,2 and 3.

Year 2 Forest School photo gallery - photos from session 4.

Year 2 Forest School photo gallery. Photos from Session 5

Year 2 Forest School photo gallery. Photos from session 6.

Year 2 Forest School photo gallery. Photos from session 7.

Year 2 Forest School photo gallery. Photos from session 8.

Year 3 Forest School photo gallery. Photos from sessions 1,2 and 3.

Year 3 Forest School photo gallery. Photos from session 4.

Year 3 Forest School photo gallery. Photos from session 5.

Year 3 Forest School photo gallery. Photos from session 6.

Year 3 Forest School photo gallery. Photos from session 7.

Year 3 Forest School photo gallery. Photos from session 8.

We would like to thank the following people, companies and organisations for their support and contributions to the Forest School programme at Alresford Primary School.

Alresford Primary School PTA, the Governors at Alresford Primary School, Alresford Primary School administration and premises staff, Essex Wildlife Trust, Cockaynes Wood Trust, Mark Brumpton Tree Services, The Parents of the children at Alresford Primary School and all the Forest School Adult Helpers.

The Forest School webpage is regularly monitored and updated by the Forest School Leader - Mr. Milgate and the Deputy Head - Mrs Loretta Baker.


Project Wild Thing.

Here is a trailer for a documentary/film called Project Wild Thing.  There are several clips on You tube that are worth watching and very thought provoking or alternatively you had access the film through BBC I Player.  The author of the film looks into evidence that suggests that our children's generation is potentially going to be the first to have a lower life expectancy than their parents due to the change in lifestyle.  If you have some time to spare take a look.