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Alresford Primary School

Be Kind, Be Honest, Be Responsible

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All our classes at Alresford Primary had the opportunity to join a SCARF workshop in the autumn term. 

It was great fun to learn in the lifespace classroom.

Lots of the children were very excited to meet Harold, the happy, healthy and friendly giraffe. 

All the classes learnt about keeping healthy, identifying feelings, emotions and qualities of friendships.

Spring 1 2024

Take a look at our Spring 1 theme 'Keeping Safe' and activities you can try at home with your child. 


Autumn 2 2023

Take a look at our Autumn 2 theme 'Valuing Difference' and activities you can try at home with your child. 

Autumn 1 2023

Take a look at our new Autumn theme 'Me and My Relationships' and activities you can try at home with your child. 

Meet our PSHE co-ordinator, Mrs Tunmore

Personal, Social, health and Economic (PSHE) Education is a school subject through which pupils develop their knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage their lives, now and in the future. It helps children and young people to stay healthy and safe, while preparing them to make the most of life and work.

At Alresford Primary we recognise the importance of teaching PSHE to ensure all children have the opportunity to grow up healthy, happy, safe and able to manage challenges and opportunities of modern Britain.

From September 2020 The Department for Education introduced compulsory Relationships and Health Education for Primary pupils. (For secondary pupils Relationships, Health and Sex Education (RSE) will be compulsory)

At Alresford Primary we follow the DFE Statutory Guidance for Relationships and Health Education ensuring PSHE puts in place the key building blocks of healthy, respectful relationships, focusing on family and friendships, in all contexts, including online. This will also sit alongside the essential understanding of how to be healthy. We support the guiding principles that all compulsory subject content must be age appropriate and developmentally appropriate. It will be taught sensitively and inclusively, with respect to the backgrounds and beliefs of pupils and parents while always with the aim of providing pupils with the knowledge they need of the law.

Relationships Education

This will put in place the building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships, including with family, friends and online. Your child will be taught what a relationship is, what friendship is, what family means and who can support them. In an age-appropriate way, your child will cover how to treat each other with kindness, consideration and respect. By the end of primary school, pupils will have been taught content on:

· families and people who care for me

· caring relationships

· respectful relationships

· online relationships

· being safe

Health Education

This aims to give your child the information they need to make good decisions about their own health and wellbeing, to recognise issues in themselves and others, and to seek support as early as possible when issues arise. By the end of primary school, pupils will have been taught content on:

· mental well-being

· internet safety and harms

· physical health and fitness

· healthy eating

· facts and risks associated with drugs, alcohol and tobacco

· health and prevention

· basic first aid

· changing adolescent body, including puberty.

Organisation/ Provision

At Alresford Primary School, our aim is to provide a rich engaging PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economics education) and RSE (Relationships and Sex education) curriculum. We do this by using the SCARF curriculum from Coram Life Education (CLE).

It is mapped to national DfE standards and to the PSHE Association programmes of study.  We deliver a high quality level of teaching providing the children with engaging and interesting lessons. 

The children become familiar with the SCARF core values of Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship from Foundation Stage to Year 6. The lessons are brought to life through the characters of Harold the giraffe and his friends. The children learn about PSHE and RSE  in Reception to Year 6 and think about the health of our minds and bodies, relationships and living in the wider world. We aim for children to understand why they are being taught PSHE and be able to talk about their PSHE teaching.

Rationale for sequencing of teaching

We aim for consistency across the school so that cycles of skills and knowledge can be built on from one year to the next using a spiral teaching progression.

The SCARF programme divides the year into 6 themed units:

Autumn 1- Me and My Relationships

Explores feelings and emotions, develops skills to manage conflict, helps identify our special people and equips children to recognise the qualities of healthy friendships and how to manage them.

Autumn 2- Valuing Difference

Includes a strong focus on British Values, supports children to develop respectful relationships with others, recognise bullying and know their responsibilities as a bystander.

Spring 1- Keeping Myself Safe

Covers a number of safety aspects from statutory Relationships Education including being able to identify trusted adults in their lives, what to do when faced with a dilemma and recognising appropriate and inappropriate touch. 

Spring 2- Rights and Responsibilities

Explores broader topics including looking after the environment, economic education and the changing rights and responsibilities children have as they grow older.

Summer 1- Being My Best

Includes a focus on keeping physically healthy, developing a growth mindset to facilitate resiliency, setting goals and ways to achieve them.

Summer 2- Growing and Changing

Has age-appropriate plans to cover the physical and emotional changes that happen as children as they grow older, including changes at puberty and how to approach this with confidence. Age-appropriate lessons on relationships and sex education are also included.

Please see our PSHE long-term plan below to see the progression within the subject across each year group.  

See below for further details on the content of the coverage in

PSHE for each year group.

Please note- objectives highlighted in yellow are non-statutory

If you have any questions about the content of our curriculum we are more than happy to share further information with you. 

Please contact Mrs Tunmore using 

 Reception- PSHE MEDIUM TERM PLAN- Parent copy.docxDownload
 YEAR 1- PSHE MEDIUM TERM PLAN- parent copy.docxDownload
 YEAR 2- PSHE MEDIUM TERM PLAN-Parent copy.docxDownload
 YEAR 3- PSHE MEDIUM TERM PLAN- parent copy.docxDownload
 YEAR 4- PSHE MEDIUM TERM PLAN- parent copy.docxDownload
 YEAR 5- PSHE MEDIUM TERM PLAN- parent copy.docxDownload
 YEAR 6- PSHE MEDIUM TERM PLAN- parent copy.docxDownload
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Sex Education-

Sex education is currently not compulsory in primary school however, the Department for Education continues to recommend that all primary schools should have a sex education programme tailored to the age and the physical and emotional maturity of the pupils.

At Alresford Primary we recognise the importance of teaching Sex Education alongside our focus on relationships in appropriate year groups. We use the PSHE Association guidance to teach children about the reproduction and birth as part of the human life cycle; how babies are conceived and born; and how babies need to be cared for.

We believe it is important that relationships and sex education is delivered by the class teacher in conjunction with parents/carers where possible as it highlights to the children that relationship and sex education is something, we can all talk about. In class this will be delivered in mixed gender groups including lessons on puberty. It is important both girls and boys learn about each other’s bodies, changes and experiences. By keeping children together in mixed groups, children will learn to talk openly without embarrassment in front of each other and we can foster a better understanding, break down stereo types and build positive relationships and respect for each other, regardless of gender.

Parents have the right to request that their child can be withdrawn from some or all of sex education delivered. If you would prefer to withdraw your child, please discuss your concerns with the class teacher and Miss Dukelow.

This does not include what is taught as part of the compulsory Science curriculum;

In Key Stage One children to:

· understand that animals including humans, move, feed, grow, use their senses and reproduce.

· recognise and compare the main external parts of the bodies of humans and that humans can produce offspring, and these grow into adults.

· recognise similarities and differences between themselves and others and treat others sensitivity.

In Key Stage Two children to:

· know that the life processes common to humans and other animals include nutrition, growth and reproduction.

· know about the main stages of the human life cycle.


At the beginning of each year group class teachers will share the PSHE coverage within that year, including sex education.

Parents will also be notified when sex education appropriate to your child’s age is going to be delivered.

For further information please read our PSHE/ RSE Policy