Alresford Primary School

Headteacher: Sarah Dukelow

Ford Lane, Colchester, Essex CO7 8AU

01206 822731

The coronation of the new King of Alresford Primary School.


Penguin class trip to Colchester zoo! 

We had such a great time learning about and sharing our knowledge of penguins! 

We even got to meet them!

Cress investigations

What does a plant need to grow?  Can you tell which cress had sunlight and which didn't?

Check out our NOISY phonics!

We have been learning about giving First Aid! It was really useful and we can put someone in the recovery position!

We have been learning about healthy eating.  In teams, we created healthy eating posters.  We worked together and listened to each others' ideas.

We have used natural materials to create collages outside.  We worked in pairs to create them.

Camouflage Art Work

In Science we have been learning about how animals adapt to their habitat. We have learnt that animals are well camouflaged to their environment to help them sneak up on their prey and hide from their predators. To show what we had learnt we made camouflage art work. Can you find our animals that are hiding in our collage art work?

Last update: 2018-01-19