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Alresford Primary School Forest School

Forest School leader: Mr Dale Milgate

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Face to face: Year 3 classroom (am), KS1 playground/Forest School area (pm)

Welcome to our Forest School page! 

This page will be the main source of information for the Forest School programme at Alresford Primary School. Throughout the year, we will post photos, videos and documents related to Forest School. Please see below for more information about our Forest School programme!

Please check back regularly for updates to the Forest School programme at Alresford Primary School!

Mr Milgate - Forest School leader

A quick note to all parents, carers and guardians - Please ensure your child is wearing appropriate clothing for Forest School sessions. The recent high temperatures has seen an increase in children attending their Forest School sessions wearing items of clothing which are not appropriate for Forest School activities.

Items of clothing that expose the skin such as short sleeved t shirts, shorts and dresses are not appropriate for Forest School sessions and should not be worn. In warmer conditions, your child must still wear long sleeves and long trousers. Your child may wear thin long sleeved t shirts and/or thinner trousers if they wish, but the items of clothing must not leave any skin exposed.

In extreme heat, I may choose to allow different items of clothing (such as leggings etc.) to be worn for Forest School sessions - If this was to occur, you will receive a message from myself (via email) or a message from the class teacher (via Marvelous Me) confirming this to you before the Forest School session.

This rule is in place to protect your child from the risk of stings, cuts and bites. If your child attends a Forest School session without appropriate clothing, their participation in Forest School activities will be limited in order to protect them. The safety of your child is, and always will be my main priority.

For more information regarding suitable clothing, please see the Parent information document on this page.

Thank you,

Mr Milgate - Forest School leader.

(17th September 2020)


Forest School 2020/2021

We are pleased to announce from September 2020, we will be expanding our Forest School programme and offering sessions to children in Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 at different points throughout the school year.

Autumn term - Year 2 and Year 3.

Spring term - Year 4 and Year 5.

Summer term - Year 1 and Reception.

All of theses sessions will be delivered by our own qualified Forest School leader - Mr Milgate.

The Forest School programme is free to all children and will take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursday afternoons. Please check with your child's class teacher to find out what day your child's session will take place.

If you would like to find out more about what Forest School is and the benefits it can offer your child, please click on the links below:

Alternatively, Forest School introduction videos hosted by the Forest School leader (Mr Milgate) can be found further down this web page. The videos are designed for both children and adults.

To ensure a smooth start to the Forest School programme, I have written the following documents which may be helpful to all adults and children and offer an insight as to what can be expected from the Forest School programme. 

Any adult who wishes to participate in our Forest School programme must read the Forest School adult handbook document and return the declaration form to the Forest School leader or school office before your first session.

 Forest School Adult handbook ver1.pdfDownload
 Forest School Covid19 policies and procedures ver1.pdfDownload
 Forest School declaration form ver1.pdfDownload
 Forest School donations list ver1.pdfDownload
 Forest School FAQs ver1.pdfDownload
 Forest School parent information pack ver1.pdfDownload
 Forest School site and class rota - Autumn term.pdfDownload
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Please see the Forest School introduction videos below. These videos have been designed to offer an insight to the Forest School programme to both children and adults. These videos are unlisted on YouTube and can only be accessed by visiting the Forest School web page.


Project Wild Thing.

Here is a trailer for a documentary/film called Project Wild Thing.  There are several clips on You tube that are worth watching and very thought provoking or alternatively you had access the film through BBC I Player.  The author of the film looks into evidence that suggests that our children's generation is potentially going to be the first to have a lower life expectancy than their parents due to the change in lifestyle.  If you have some time to spare take a look.