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Please remember to use our class page for any information you need to know about year 3

if you have any further questions please email us on and 

Home Learning- Week 13- 6.7.20

Home Learning- Week 11 and 12-22.6.20 and 29.6.20

Home Learning- Week 10-15.6.20

Home Learning- Week 9-8.6.20

Home Learning- Week 8-1.6.20

Welcome Back Year 3!  We hope you have enjoyed half term. 

Take a look at our home learning page for some more home activities to keep you busy this week. 

We know it is hard to be away from school and your friends but remember to stay connected with people and keep sending us emails sharing what you have been doing and we will send you a reply.

We have been hearing of so many acts of kindness from children, why not have a look at some ideas below and try some at home to make your family and friends smile.

Take care of everyone, keep smiling and stay safe.

Mrs Tunmore and Mrs Creber

What a lovely surprise this was!  Thank you so much Year 3 for such a wonderful message.  
We are missing you all and we look forward to the time when we can see you again.  
Keep smiling and remember you are all amazing. 
Stay safe and take care of everyone at home.
Keep in contact, we love seeing your photos.

Home Learning- Week 7-18.5.20

Home Learning- Week 4, 5 and 6-

27.4.20, 4.5.20 and 11.5.20 including VE Day

Look who has a new baby brother!  Congratulations!

Home Learning Fun!- Week 3- 20.4.20  

Holiday Fun!- Easter Holidays- 6.4.20

Fancy enjoying a story?

Have a look at our website reading pages

for Ebook and audio book websites.

Support for Parents and Children

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 Coping Skills for kids.docxDownload
 Coronavirus Parent advice - by Educational Psychologist Tim Conroy-Stocker.pdfDownload
 Information for parents.docxDownload
 Some helpful things to consider while we are isolating with our children.docxDownload
 Some things to help children stay calm.docxDownload
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Home Learning Fun!- Week 2- 30.3.20  

A powerpoint to share with you...

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29th March 2020

Dear All,

Thank you for all for your lovely messages and fantastic photos. 

It is great to see the children's smiling faces.  Please keep sharing these with us.

It looks as though lots of children are working hard on the activities we have shared. 

Please remember there will be no judgement made on the amount of work being done at home.  We fully appreciate that everyone's circumstances are going to be different and that you are best placed to gauge how much and how often your children should be working.

There is also no set way to do the activities we have shared.  We have added a suggested timetable but we are more than happy for you to put one together yourselves, for example if you have more than one child at home.  The activities themselves can be read off screen and written in books or on paper or you can, if you are lucky enough to have one, print the work off and complete it that way.  Whatever suits.

Through our experiences creating a routine helps children but adjusting things when something isn't working is really important.  Also giving children choices with their learning helps them to become more engaged.

Thanks again for your support, Stay healthy, safe and happy!

Mrs Tunmore and Mrs Creber

Home Learning Fun!- Week 1- 23.3.20  

Bike rides, painting and reading in the garden.

What a beautiful sunny week we have had!

Science experiments- looks like great fun!

Somebody's been busy working and celebrating!

Lovely to be sent these big smiles, hard work and fun activities. Well done all of you, keep sending us's wonderful to see.

22nd March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,  

The current health crisis is a challenge for all of us.  There are many people worrying about how we will cope with the situation we find ourselves in. 

This worry and fear is easily felt by our children so making sure they know they can share their thoughts and worries is hugely important.

Below we have included a couple of articles sharing ideas of how families can cope and discuss the crisis with children.

This is a new position for us all but please be reassured we will do all we can to support you and your children. 

Remember routine and remaining positive is extremely important.

If you are in the position of staying at home it may seem a daunting prospect but remember to try and enjoy this time with your child/children.  There will be good and bad days but taking time to discuss how things are going and being prepared to change is crucial in the coming weeks.

Your children are all amazing individuals all shining in different ways.  This is the time for them to show you how wonderful they are!

During this very difficult time we are committed to ensuring that your child is still learning as much as possible and endeavour to do our absolute best to keep this happening. 

 We have prepared an overview of the learning we would like the children to complete over the next week. This can be found on the Year 3 Home Learning page along with the resources. We will edit this every week.

We will also add any websites we feel may be useful.

Please be reassured if we need to communicate with you during this time it will be by using our class website page, MarvellousMe or email. 

Our email addresses are and  

We would like to create a class gallery on the class webpage of any fun activities your children have been doing.  Please send any photos to one of our email addresses so we can upload them onto our webpage. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

Please keep in touch, take care and keep safe.

Kind regards 

Sarah Creber & Emma Tunmore

Please see the Year 3 curriculum targets below...

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