Alresford Primary School

Headteacher: Sarah Dukelow

Ford Lane, Colchester, Essex CO7 8AU

01206 822731

Year 4 Home Learning


Shout out to... Tilly for her beautiful wooden animals. Oscar for all his amazing grammar work this week and for his gardening. Jack for his fab paragraphs on Rio. Lily for learning how to play chess! Laci for making amazing pompoms. 

Week 2 Photo Gallery

Week 2 Resources

 Week 2 Year 4 Home Learning Overview.docxDownload
 Place Value Chart.pdfDownload
 Week 2 Arithmatic.pdfDownload
 PE Wordsearch Human Skeleton Words.pdfDownload
 PE Skeleton Sheet.pdfDownload
 GPS Week2 Wed.pdfDownload
 GPS Week2 Tues.pdfDownload
 GPS week2 Thurs.pdfDownload
 GPS Week2 Mon.pdfDownload
 GPS Week2 Frid.pdfDownload
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Photo Gallery


Shout Outs!!

Well done to Oscar for his amazing stone paintings and reading comprehension.  Well done Laci for all your trampolining and a beautiful self portrait! Well done Jack for your daily workouts :)

Week 1

 Week 1 Year 4 Home Learning Overview.docxDownload
 Week 1 Year 4 home learning timetable.docxDownload
 Week 1 Reading Comprehension Questions.pdfDownload
 Week 1 Reading Comprehension Booklet.pdfDownload
 Week 1 GPS Wed.pdfDownload
 Week 1 Reading Comprehension - The Mayan Cookbook.pdfDownload
 Week 1 GPS Tues.pdfDownload
 Week 1 GPS Mon.pdfDownload
 Week 1 GPS Thurs.pdfDownload
 Week 1 Arithmetic.pdfDownload
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Above is a link to Espresso and Espresso Coding.  The username and password will be emailed to parents.

Additional Resources

 Y4 Autumn 1 Mat 1.pdfDownload
 Y4 Autumn 1 Mat 2.pdfDownload
 Y4 Autumn 1 Mat 3.pdfDownload
 Y4 Autumn 1 Mat 4.pdfDownload
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